E.T. Takes on a “Crazy, Sexy, and Cool” Look with Unique Tattoo Design

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial has been a beloved character since the film was released in June of 1982.  We have seen many funny riffs of the classic flying scene from the movie and even a few memes of E.T. in a wig.
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Now, this I can relate to.

Still, for over 39 years Spielberg’s original creation has stayed the same until now. Recently, Philadelphia tattoo artist, Rodney Savage, posted on his Instagram his latest work, and let’s just say we are “digging it.”


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Rodney Savage, also knowns as NotHumanTats, transformed E.T. into E.T-Boz. Yes, you read that correctly- he tattooed the little

 loveable alien as one of the founding members of TLC.  The same T-Boz who sang hits like Creep, No Scrubs, and Waterfalls.

The tattoo is executed perfectly and oddly, we can see the similarities. Stil…we got to wonder what it would look like if E.T. performed one of TLC’s hit songs.




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So I creep. Yeah, just keep it all on the down-low, so that the government doesn’t have to know. Yeah, I creep, cuz Elliot doesn’t know what I do, as the Reese’s Pieces supply starts to get low.

What do you think of this hilarious tattoo combination? Do you have a funny tattoo combo? Share with us in the comments and online via our socials. You can also check out more of Rodney’s work on his Instagram. 

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