Dad Djarin and Baba Fett: Fatherhood in a Post-Empire World

Be warned young Padawan, there are many spoilers ahead!

If you don’t already know, my name is Bendy and I have some weird theories. Now, if you read any of my articles, you’ll know that not *everything* I write about is some strange conspiracy theory. I will say you will see a lot about the Mental Health of our faves, ‘cause they are not okay folks. But! I am happy you are here and I hope that even though we may be different types of Star Wars fans, you still grab some Bantha milk and come on this journey with me in a Galaxy far, far away.

So…The Book of Boba Fett

So the season finale of The Book of Boba Fett was met with a…colorful…array of reactions, and not all of them were great. Personally, I think it ended way better than it started and it was spectacular.

Let us first set aside the fact that this is one big push to watch Clone Wars before Kenobi drops. We can also put a pin in that moment between Luke and Ahsoka bringing me a joy I waited 13 years for.  Also have to come back to why, in that same moment, I was reminded that I have a vendetta against the Jedi Order – No there was something far more important to take away from this episode.

Foundling Family Matters

See Star Wars isn’t known for having good fathers playing major roles in the storyline. If they were good, it was usually the result of a major redemption, followed by their death almost always in front of one of their children. Something Lucas and Disney have a common hard on for. Please stop whimsically killing parents in front of their kids, okay. There is not enough whimsy or swells of Goransson or Williams to stop that special level of sad only Disney can bring.

Dad Djarin and Baba Fett

Din Djarin and Boba Fett, or as I like to call ’em: Dad Djarin and Baba Fett, have a paternal relationship with both Grogu and the Rancor, respectively, that is so significant (and not to mention adorable) that it’s just what this warring fandom needs.

Watching the Finale of Boba Fett, I saw two foundlings making their fatherlings proud. Sure, an all-out war was raging around them, this is Star Wars after all, but Grogu and the Rancor protected their newfound caretakers and looked pretty badass in the process.

Grogu chose The Mandalorian

We don’t know for sure what happened when Luke gave the ultimatum, but what we do know is that Grogu chose Dad Djarin and him force leaping into his arms once they were reunited had me ugly crying on the floor.

Then there’s Din’s emotional response to not only seeing his foundling, but seeing him wearing the armor he had made for him out of the Beskar spear was portrayed in such a delicate and wholesome way, despite being pinned down by nostalgia-inducing Scorpenek droids. Din has probably never felt the kind of love that he has for Grogu.

Even without seeing his face, Pedro Pascal straight nailed it. We felt that love. At least my household did.

Bravo Pedro

So the armor. An actual protector and symbol of Mando’s love and protection for Grogu. Even without seeing the smile and love in his eyes, we knew how happy Din was of his foundling baby boy. A man who grew up without a true father is now truly the father to this small but mighty being, and he will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.

The bond that Din and Grogu have is something both of them deeply needed. We caught a glimpse of Grogu at that Galaxy changing moment of Order 66. The trauma he must have endured. The fear, loneliness, the betrayal, and the heartbreak. Luke dug out repressed memories that even for an 80-ish year old…whatever he is, was far too much to process.

Since that day, Grogu has been on a long and mysterious journey that we can only speculate was not at all whimsical or fun. Years without anyone to truly care for him, to love him.

And then came a Mandalorian

Din has been his savior, protector, friend, and father during their journey together.

Ahsoka, who  to be perfectly blunt has seen some seriously awful things in her lifetime, felt the depths of their bond and articulated as such with a heed of warning to Din. One can speculate from what we know of Ahsoka as a powerful Jedi during the Clone Wars, that she could feel Grogu and Din’s pain and how much their relationship meant to their healing process. 

Ahsoka, someone who had been betrayed and rejected by the Jedi Order, someone who suffered immeasurable loss, she could not deny that this trauma and the love for his only support system was far too much for Grogu to let go of while continuing his training.

For those who watched The Clone Wars and Rebels, and I highly suggest picking up Ahsoka’s book, know just how brutal her experiences were and the PTSD she has to manage while completely and utterly alone in the Galaxy.

With so much trauma and isolation in her many years, It was clear what had to be done. I initially was upset about this so very sith dealing with the absolutes type ultimatum Ahsoka and Luke gave him, but their reunion, and let’s not forget the two times Grogu had to save Din, showed me that this…this is the way.

Boba and his Rancor

Okay, this may not seem as significant as Mando and Grogu, but Boba Fett’s relationship with his Rancor is like that of a man and his very large intelligent dog. I happen to be one of those people who consider pets like children. We are responsible for their life, we care for them, and show them love.

The Rancor imprinted on his Baba Fett and he is now his son.

This is (also) the Way

What a lot of folks probably glossed over while scratching their heads over the weird Power Rangers gang riding 1950’s looking Vespas, was the significance of Boba receiving a Rancor. If you could get past your glee at seeing Danny Trejo, you would catch some really amazing facts about Rancors that I personally am ecstatic to see in a major Star Wars production.

Rancors are a deeply misunderstood and mistreated species. To the casual Star Wars fan, Boba’s comment about the Witches of Dathomir riding mighty Rancor didn’t really mean much outside of it sounding cool but the significance is so momentous that, much like Boba himself riding the Rancor, it could be the end of Star Wars as we know it and the beginning of a new era. But we will come back to that at a later time.

Bred almost entirely throughout the Galaxy for fighting, a domesticated Rancor would be a loving companion to whomever they imprint upon. “Emotionally complex creatures” as Super cool Rancor Handler Danny Trejo stated in Episode 3, while Boba is scratching the Rancor like he was a dog.  Boba smiles as he can tell he found the Rancor’s “spot” and I cannot express how much this moment made me want to dive to the floor and hug my fur baby.

A bounty hunter and a Rancor have a commonality in that they are both used as weapons of destruction.  Boba leaves behind his life of bounty hunting and removes the shackles from his Rancor. Both have a new lease on life and with Boba as his Alpha (dad), the Rancor can experience love and compassion.

Look dad! I help!

Grogu and the Rancor have moments in this finale that I swear were the equivalent of “I’m doing it dad! I’m gonna save you!”, to which both Fatherlings are so proud.

Until Disney+ tells me I’m wrong, I am going to believe my own headcanon.

Also totally not sure how many folks caught the scene where the Rancor literally picks up one of the Pyke’s shooters, holds him up over his head for Boba to blast, then tosses him over a building.  What! I did an Endgame-worthy fast clap on that one.

Then can we please address Grogu saving Din from the temper tantrum throwing Rancor (can’t blame the sweet baby, he was defending dad and he was being shot at!) by putting him down for a nap.

A nap a tired and force drained Grogu then joins.

Sleepy Babies!

Neither relationship is conventional by our mere earthly standards, but in that Galaxy far, far away, there are two Mandalorians who spent their lives without their own parents, raised by others who did not show them much love. They now find themselves the caretakers of two creatures that they may have needed more than they needed them.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed Grogu and the Rancor helping out their Fatherlings….Poppalorians? Mandaddies? Ew…don’t like that last one.

Whoever thinks of a cooler name gets an extra Bantha Milk!

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