Critical Role 3rd Campaign Gets Massive Debut

We’re Going On An Adventure

After the finale of their wildly successful second campaign, fans of the live-play series Critical Role have been wondering when the next campaign will commence. We were treated to an amazingly fun miniseries titled Exandria Unlimited, but with no clear answer as to the next full campaign, fans were left in the lurch.

Well, wait no longer! Critical Role will return on October 21st, 2021 with a new campaign! In an announcement today, Matt, Marisha, and Travis gave an update as to what to expect in the coming weeks, and some changes to the show format going forward.

There’s a lot happening, but the big news is not only when the new campaign starts, but that you can watch it in theaters! You can find out if your local Cinemark is showing the premiere here.

You can catch up on older episodes of Critical Role, or follow here for new announcements and information!

About Critical Role

Critical Role is a weekly actual-play show where a group of friends plays their actual tabletop game for audiences. The cast includes various voice and screen actors like Matthew Mercer, Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey, Sam Riegel, and more. You can see Critical Role Thursdays, 7pm Pacific on their Twitch channel or Youtube.

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