CABIN FEVER Panel – Wizard World Virtual Experiences 2020

Cabin Fever actors Jordan Ladd, James DeBello, Cerina Vincent and Joey Kern gave a virtual cast reunion panel through Wizard World Virtual Experiences 2020 to discuss this horror cult classic, their careers and to answer fan questions.

Jordan Ladd played Karen in Cabin Fever, but is also known for Never Been Kissed, Death Proof, Hostel: Part II, Six Feet Under, Club Dread, Satanic Picnic and voice work on Robot Chicken.

James DeBello was Bert in Cabin Fever, but also is known for roles in Detroit Rock City, Scary Movie 2, American Pie, Transylmania, Urge and Clinton Road.

Cerina Vincent portrayed Marcy in Cabin Fever, but is also known for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy as Maya the Yellow Galaxy Ranger, plus Not Another Teen Movie, Stuck in the Middle, TMI Hollywood, Workaholics and Bones.

Joey Kern was Jeff in Cabin Fever, but is also known for Super Troopers, Good Behavior, Big Bear, Mr. Mom (TV Series), Chosen, The Middleman and Totally Awesome.

Panel moderated by Victor Dandridge, who can be found on Twitter at

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