BLACK PANTHER’S Travis Love Talks About Being Jabari! – Interview

Travis Love spoke to us at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta about his experience moving from The Walking Dead to the world of The Black Panther! We discuss how he got to be one of the Jabari Tribe’s warriors!

Travis Love played one of the Governor’s men in Woodbury. Shumpert was one of two of the force that went to the prison to be spared the Governor’s bullets. After his offscreen death, he wasn’t seen again. But the actor has gone on to various other shows like Good Girls, The Haves and the Have Nots, Star, The List and Tales. He was also one the Jabari Tribe’s warriors in the epic Marvel Movie, The Black Panther.

In this interview we speak to him about getting the role, future projects, karaoke and childhood favorite shows!

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