5 Spine-Tingling Podcasts for the Spooky Season

Ghost, goblins, and ghouls! Oh my! Do you enjoy a haunting ghost story by the campfire? What about the legend of a ghost that stalks the bathroom stalls? If any of these things spark your fancy, horror podcasts are a great medium to enjoy during Halloween and all year long. Here are some podcasts that delve into the strange and unusual and tales from the beyond.


If you enjoy a good story, Tales is the podcast for you. The episodes share ancient fairy tales the way they were originally told. The stories are completely unfiltered and each episode gives background on the lore behind each tale. I love that this podcast shares tales from around the globe without sugarcoating the stories as they were told to us as children. They are fantasy-filled, interesting, and sometimes very eerie. The narration is excellent and pulls readers into each tale immersing them fully.

Haunted Places

Haunted Places takes you behind the scenes of haunted places all over and gives the background on its frightening and real backstory. This podcast is a mashup of ghost stories, urban legends, and history. I like that they take the time to set the scene for each place mentioned and go over its history and lore in depth. Plus, the episodes are about a 30-minute runtime so it’s a quick listen while also being equally spine-tingling.

Unexplained Mysteries

In Unexplained Mysteries, this podcast investigates some of the greatest mysteries of history. This podcast is so interesting because of the wide range of topics that they cover in each episode. From unsolved crimes to small historical events in history that I was unaware of, I learn something new every episode. This is a great podcast for mystery lovers!


A podcast full of creepy stories? Nightlight delivers on horror with unsettling tales written by Black writers and performed by Black actors. Some stories have ghosts, others feature the walking undead, and some stories have things that are creatures of the night. I enjoy that sometimes these stories are narrated by the authors themselves. It’s a spooky podcast for sure and I love how imaginative these horror tales are!

The Something Scary Podcast

If you can’t get enough of scary folklore, unnerving legends, and all-around horror stories, Something Scary is a must-listen. The hosts are such excellent storytellers who place the listener in each bone-chilling tale. The range of stories crafted for each episode is so creative and there is a variety of stories for each episode’s theme. If you can’t get enough of the podcast, you can also check out the SNARLED YouTube channel to see some of the stories animated too.

Do you have a favorite spooky podcast? Tell us about it in the comments or our socials! 

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