5 Fan Run Cons You Should Check Out in 2018 – Cosplay Spotlite Special Report

Check out our picks for 5 great fan run cons! Forget the huge ones, these cons have shorter lines and atmosphere!

In this Cosplay Spotlite Special Report – we list 5 Fan Run Cons You Should Check Out in 2018. While large cons like NYCC, San Diego Comic Con and DragonCon can be fun to attend, you get a much different experience at these smaller, fan run conventions.

Listed are:
Farpoint 2018 – http://www.farpointcon.com/
Amazicon 6 – http://www.amazicon.net
Shore Leave 40 – https://www.shore-leave.com/
RetroCon 2018 – https://retrocons.com/
Thy Geekdom Con – https://www.thygeekdomcon.com/

Honorable mentions:
J1 Con: http://j1con.com/
Lock City Comic Con: https://www.lockcitycomiccon.com/
Garden State Comic Fest: http://www.gardenstatecomicfest.com/

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