13th Doctor Sonic Review – Seven20 vs Character Options

In this video, we compare the versions of the 13th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdrivers from Seven20 and Character Options. See the differences and advantages of each one! Plus Captain Kyle talks about the design concept of the new sonic made for Jodie Whittaker.
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While Captain Kyle already did review the Se7en20 version of the thirteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, he is finally able to compare it to the Character Options version of the toy. He covers the packaging, detailing, electronic sounds, lights and even shows a comparison in the dark! Plus if you’re a fan of cats, Skye will be present throughout much of the video.

For cosplay or just your own sonic screwdriver collection, this is a Doctor Who video you should definitely watch.

To purchase the Character Options version from Forbidden Planet:

To purchase the Se7en20 version:
Hot Topic: https://www.hottopic.com/product/doctor-who-the-thirteenth-doctors-sonic-screwdriver/11522304.html
BBC Shop: https://shop.bbc.com/doctor-who-thirteenth-doctor-s-sonic-screwdriver-21535.html

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