10 WILD TRANSFORMERS Knock Offs Plus a Bonus!

Transformers has been around since 1984 and during that time, a lot of knock offs have been created. Captain Kyle shows you 10 Transformers Knock Offs that are pretty cool, though some are low quality, some are good and others are great!

Knock offs shown include an Autobot Triple Changer Broadside, oversized versions of Air Raid and Transmetal Rattrap, a gold Snaptrap, a white Decepticon Cyclonus, a legends/pretender Grimlock, small versions of Fortress Maximus and Optimal Optimus, the Japanese exclusive Raiden and a smiling Headmaster Skullcruncher knock off. Also a couple bonus figures that may or may not be knock offs.

We only found one available on eBay. You’ll have to search for these if you want to add them to your collection.

For the Gold Snaptrap, try this: https://ebay.us/R8kt0l

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