10 Awesome TRANSFORMERS Knock Offs Plus a BONUS!

Transformers have a lot of knock offs, and in this video Captain Kyle will show you knocks offs of Generation One Transformers, Beast Wars Transformers and Japanese Transformers that are cool, funky, silly or all three!

These knock offs include one of the classic knock offs of all time, Generation 3 Inferno. Other knockoffs are of G1 Silverbolt, Beast Wars Silverbolt, Saber, Beast Wars Megatron, Armordillo, G1 Defensor, LioConvoy from Beast Wars II, a small version of Piranacon and everybody’s favorite Jumpstarter, Topspin! Plus a bonus Transformers related toy that may or may not be a knock off!

Many of these knockoffs are from years ago, but you may find them on eBay or at various conventions.

Transformers is a registered trademark of Hasbro.

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