10 Awesome Baby Yoda Videos

Baby Yoda in the Mandalorian has become an obsession for fans new and old. This has spurned a number of videos about this mystery child, from parodies and tributes to music videos and songs. Here’s 10 fun ones you should check out.

1. Go to sleep Baby Yoda by Auralnauts

The title pretty much tells you the mission. A great edit and a song to boot!

2. Best BABY YODA Song – Lola Parody by Breaking Balls

It’s rare for a song to have two parodies so closely related. Weird Al did a Lola parody called “Yoda” and now there’s a new parody for the younger member of Yoda’s species.

3. BABY YODA – Don’t Feed After Midnight by Fandom Spotlite

Yes, this is one we put together, but we think it’s worthy of the list. It’s definitely something to think about.

4. Baby Yoda Stole My Heart (Ant Saunders Yellow Hearts Star Wars Mandalorian Parody) by Luke Metzler

A great parody song and it’s so very true. For just about everyone.

5. Baby Yoda Sings A Song (Star Wars The Mandalorian Parody) by Aaron Fraser-Nash

Another music video and song parody. People just burst into song for this little fella!

6. Dear Baby Yoda: A Love Song by The Ringer

Sometimes it’s not about making a parody. It’s just about love. Love for a little green creature.

7. If Baby Yoda was a Cat (Mandalorian + OwlKitty) by Owlkitty

If you’re unfamiliar with Owlkitty, you’re missing out. He jumps into many productions and in this case, he stands in for Baby Yoda. Worth the watch!

8. Baby Yoda Song – A Star Wars Rap by ChewieCatt

Another tribute to the green guy who loves frogs. Super well done. This is the way.

9. Baby Yoda VS Darth Sidious 1 by MaxeBaumannFilms2013

This is a great movie edit putting Baby Yoda in place of his older relative(?) during the confrontation back in Episode III. A fun short. Part II is also out now.

10. Baby Yoda Song by Day by Dave

I think people need to come up with better titles than just “Baby Yoda Song,” but this one’s another cute one.

There are tons more out there and more being made all the time. Baby Yoda has taken the world by storm. Of course we have to hope when they reveal or give him a name, it doesn’t suck.

And since there are more of these videos being produced even as we write this, don’t be surprised to see a part two.

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